A brain’s connections visualized, from the Human Connectome Project

Hi, I’m Tyler Alterman, the author.

Greater Mind is a novel for anyone interested in metasystematicity, including the synthesis of themes like transhumanism, AI x-risk, chaos magic, postrationality, brain-computer interfaces, mysticism, and…childrearing.

It draws from my experiences across neuroscience labs, meditation retreats, and 4½ real-life attempts to create something similar to Isaac Asimov’s Foundation. That is, projects to radically revitalize civilization toward one affording the flourishing of sentient beings. In my opinion, all of these attempts have failed. Greater Mind depicts a project that may have a better chance of succeeding.

Inspirations for this book include:






Oh yeah, and GM is a work in progress. I might alter some of the chapters as I go. If I make any major edits, I’ll send out a notice.


A fair bit of the novel is grappling with the question: “What would it be like to synthesize effective altruism with a worldview in which beauty and poetry have a place?”


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A serialized transhumanist novel about the near-term future of mind. What happens when humanity awakens to the possibilities of collective minds, artificial ones, cognitive enhancement, and secular mysticism?


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